Bleached white tangle.
Shaped to fit space between these two overstuffed  chairs.
Hamiltons amorphic shaped cocktail table.. Calif.
Hamiltons - amorphic shape of edge on glass..
Hamiltons .. tangle root table
Hamiltons.. arctic ( chipped ) edging .
Tangled Root Tables
a collage of photo's
Since the original design, we have created, over the years quite a few tangled root tables. Below are photographs of a few of them. Hope you enjoy
Evan's dining table
My son Evan, proud, as he should be, of completeing this beautiful oval dining table base.
Kaplans cocktail table - round top with polished pencil edging.
Joe's table in California.
A medium density tangled root dining table..  Polished pencil edging on the table top.
This is a tangle we bleached almost white. It sits in a mostly black and white kitchen.
Dining tangle with a 6 foot round glass top..
My son Nathan, using his diligence on a large dining tangle.
Three tiered tangled table .
Much attention is given to the detail of individual chararacter traits..
A burly piece.. nice ! Each table has its own character traits within.
This base was for a 10 foot long oval glass top..
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Table in its new home..
Same table in its new home, Maryland
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Root table
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View a collage of tangles.
Amorphic shaped cocktail table.
Side table for two overstuffed chairs.