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Natural & elegant rustic furniture & Glass Top Tables
wooden top rootball table
the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
Spalted Oak Bench



Slab coffee in progress
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Rustic Furniture from the log - Glass Top Tables - Tree Table
P.O. Box 143,  Wilson, Kansas, 67490, US
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Natural Furniture & Glass Top Tables

Elegant natural furniture art & Glass Top Tables
We create unique natural log & root coffee tables, Glass top root dining and coffee tables rustic log tables, log beds, and unique glass top tables, + natural conference tables.
My name is Mike Just. I have created the natural furniture designs you will see on this web site over a period of years. Each, was designed and created for a client. Some designs are in the "elegant rustic furniture" class. Others are classed as, "Furniture Art". I work with decorators, architects, institutional buyers and, individuals.
A tangle tree root table
Glass top stump table - 12 for dining
Custom carved, stained glass inserts, uplit. It glows.
Stump and Root Tables  - Stumps turn into magnificent tables with glass, stone or wooden tops! The intent; to bring the peace & grace of nature into your home. You may view dining, conference, cocktail or, occasional tables by clicking onto small photo's (right) or menu (left) .
Rootball base, onyx stone top stump table. by Mike Just
Three tiered glass top tangle table
Rustic rootl stump table with solid oak top.
More unique furniture, includes, carved theme & sculpted art tables. Bronze animal statues, glass and stone sculpting. The work of Chet Cale . Sculptor needed ? Chet Cale is excellant! Contact us.
Carved oak table, a three piece ensemble
"It is our great pleasure to bring forth the beauty of nature, for your admirations."
"WHAT'S NEW" : the latest work of Mike Just.
Natural furniture designs.
This year focus is on our tangled root table designs for foyer, dining, and coffee tables.

My passion is natural elegance, smooth flowing natural line and always strive for an affect of " oohh ahhh ",  when complete.
Glass table tops add to the elegance by adding the "looking glass" through which one may view the peace & grace of nature. It's mezmurizing!

Recently we are now creating glass tops whose perimeter undulates and matches the flowing shape of the tangles root tables base below. Just as the foliage or the crown of a tree flows.  In addition to undulating edges, we have added the " chipped or arctic edged " look for a special  natural decor.

We still have the more traditional thick glass top with it's rounded or OGE edgings for that elegant location.

My Kindest Regards ,
Mike Just

Several Tangled tables are in progress, dining and coffee. Email me if you are considering a tangled table.
Glass Top Stump Tables
Tangled root
cocktail table
Stump table
Root base
Onyx stone top
fine dining
Round Glass
Top Tables
Unique Coffee
Carved theme

For more about this work & other tangled tables. ,CLICK HERE.
End Tables
Oak Log Bench
Click photo for more photo's of this table.
A Tangled Root Table w/ amorphic shaped arctic edged glass top.
"Hope you enjoy your visit to my web site "
Best Regards
Mike Just
bring the peace & grace of nature, indoors.

Mike's natural designs are unique, elegant, and eclectic. They enhance the decor of upscale homes and, the foyers of hotels across the U.S.A. and abroad.

Shown below, his favorite design, tangled root tables: for cocktail tables, dining or your conference room.
More photo's HERE.

The amorphic cut glass top edging of this table, matches the organic shape of the tangled root base accentuating the natural flowing contour of nature.
The sister to this tangled root table ( created from the same tree ) is now nearing completion. Glass top size 48 to 60 inches.
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