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Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
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References - our clients comment
2017 - 2001

We have been enjoying the chairs very much and they have become the conversation point of our home. One of the ways into the house is through a patio door where the table sits. It's a pretty hard thing to ignore. Anyhow the chairs are just great!   Many, many thanks for your artistry.   Randy - Breckenridge, Colorado 


From: "Renee Hupp"  To: Mike Just  Subject: Re: coffee table    Yes, we received it today. It's beautiful. Thanks for your hard work.
   God Bless,  The Hupps


Jemele House That' s one of the most beautiful, finest pieces of work I've seen. You're good. You hit the nail right one the head as far as what we were intending and the end result. I'm not yanking your chain either. That's some cool stuff. The finish is exceptional.  Nice job.   Rob Rinaldi  Waterbury, Conneticut 


Wow!! Table fits and looks perfect in our house. You and Chet did absolutely great work. Just what both Carol and I hoped it would be. In the next couple of weeks, we'll take some pictures and email them to you. Anytime you need a reference, don't hesitate to use us.
Thanks and we'll be in touch.  Ron

It is AWESOME. What a work!! Lisa will take photos and send them to you next week. I'm not a camera person, so I'll have to request your patience for a few more days. You can rest assured, though, that everything looks REALLY good!  Please feel free to use my name as you see fit. May I make the same request of you? 
Regards, Joe Kaplan, L.A., California

Hi Mike,Just wanted to let you know that the table arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! We really love it! Thanks for all of your hard work!
Happy Holidays
abbe & scott

Mike,Yes, table did come and we like it a lot.


Thank you for the E-mail announcing your new works. Yes it has been a long time since I have seen any of your work. I Hope you Have A Wonderful Christmas & A Very Happy New Year. 
P.S. Please keep in touch with your Wonderful Creations!!


  Mike,  I received the bench last week. I am so impressed by your work. I totally  love it!!!  Exactly what I was hoping for. I will send you pictures next week of the  room I put it in.  Thank you again. I'm thinking of other things you can make for me. 

  Dear Mike, The bench did arrive. Allen had a hellish week of business travel and was thrilled to come home Friday and opening it. He loves it! I can't wait to see it this weekend when we'll be at their house.  Thanks again!  Julie 
*******************  Mike,  was looking at the web site..........Hope you are doing well.......Things have been good out here ( Pennsylvania ) , just got back from salmon fishing. I will try to come up with a new project for you in the near future..............the tables you did for me are the greatest. Thanks again Butch Bishop
Mike, The table top is way nice......it looks so good...........the quality of the workmanship is unmatched. thanks .... Butch B.

March 29th, 04  Mike,   I want to say thanks for the wood slice. It is PERFECT. My friend is extremely pleased with the size, color, everything. I appreciate your accommodating my weird request.  
Take care, 
Juli -
Lubbock TX.


March 2nd, 04  Hello Mike, 
The bench arrived today and it is wonderful. You did an excellent job making it . It is set up in our kitchen and looks perfect.  Thank you so much. Ross Miles.....

Hi Mike:
Wanted to let you know we received the table this afternoon. Wow! Is it nice. The pictures you took did not do it justice. Good news is you'll have pictures on Tuesday, and better news is now we need a matching end table. The table looks great in our log room. The finish is just what we were looking for. The rustic edge is perfect and so is the color. Can you do a matching end table? Color and edge treatment the same. We'll send required height on Tuesday with the pictures (which I am sure will make the web site!).

Sep, 03

Oh my God, The bed, mirror, and the rest of the furniture has arrived. It is incredible! Absolutely incredible! WOW! The workmanship is the greatest and will be appreicated for ever. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!You are the MAN!! God Bless and keep up the great work.Back to painting.
We are faux finishing the walls.Dan

Tuesday, April 29, 2003
9:51 PM 

Oh my gosh . . . . it's like adopting a baby, I have been anticipating this and eagerly awaiting its arrival. In the process of this interaction, I somehow felt like I got to know you, even if we have never met. You've come across as a very sincere, down-to-earth, really nice person, who just happens to be blessed to be an artist. I can only imagine the life of an artisan. I can't help but feel a tinge of envy, as you are able to create something beautiful. I do have to say I enjoy what I do, and am blessed in having created 2 wonderful children. Maybe that can count for my ability to create something beautiful, in a different way.   I will take photos once it is here in my home and we are enjoying it. I'll send it to you and the other artisans who should feel a sense of pride in seeing it beautifully placed in our home. Thank you.   As to the strength. . . . didn't I mention I'm over 6 ft tall and over 200 lbs so strength is not an issue ? I didn't ?   Oh - cause it's not true. :-)   I'm a petite 5' 2 tall, but my son is now almost 6 ft tall and my nephew who I can always count on is 6' 3 so they should be able to help me and my husband gently carry it into the house !  Thanks and I look forward to its arrival.

It has been a real pleasure working with you. BTW, it's the first ever internet purchase I've made that's significant in amount and where I feel like the experience was personal -
and they say buying from the internet is so impersonal . . . . 
Best regards. 

Friday, January 17, 2003 9:11 PM


Thursday, September 19, 2002 3:35 PM
Hello Mike,
Our computer died, so we are just now hooked up and running again with a new one. I had to get in touch and let you know how much I appreciate the things that you made for me. All of the pieces add so much to our home. They have a quality about them that is timeless. They all have "good energy" that they exude by just being where they are- in, and around the home. Your work has helped me to create the living environment that I appreciate and enjoy. Thank you very much. Eva

Whoa!!! The table and chairs arrived yesterday - 9/4. It's even more beautiful that we imagined - It arrived in excellent shape. We'll be taking some pictures of the table and chairs in their new home and send them to you. Thank you so very much for your excellent craftsmanship and for wanting to do this project.
Best to you -

Dear Mike,  When I bought my bench (photo, above) from you in April, 2001, I promised I would send a picture. I don't think I ever did and I regret that it has taken so long. I never could get a picture that I thought did it justice. Still haven't but...this last winter, during the devastating ice storm, I was climbing through the fallen trees and limbs in my yard surveying the awful damage. As I plowed my way through a tangled mess of ice laden branches near the back porch, I stumbled on this jewel in a clearing. How it managed to survive without being crushed or even touched by a single falling twig is beyond me. I wish I could have captured the sunlight glistening on the over foot long icicles that made such a delicate fringe skirt on my beautiful bench. I can tell you though, that discovering it was a bright and happy moment in an other wise dreary day.  I hope you will enjoy these two shots (on one page)... 
Best regards, 
Jane Kaste
"very satisfied customer"
June, 2002
How's everything going? It looks like business is really booming for you. That's great to see. Your work really is awesome. I just love my table set I've collected from you. The last one I got is my favorite, but they are all great in their own unique way. Each one has something special about it. I just wish I hadn't bought a bed before discovering you because I'd love to get
one of those beds  you are making. Well I just wanted to say hi. I'll talk to you later. 

July 30th, 02 
Hi Mike!
I received the bench safe and sound last week. It's beautiful just like the pictures! Thanks so much, I will enjoy it for years to come! 


Sun, 30 Dec 2001 19:44:22 -0500 
Hi Mike, 
The bench arrived on the 27th as promised and is beautiful. The design and craftmanship are beyond my expectations. Thanks again.

Friday, November 16, 2001 2:42 PM 
Hi Mike, 
Finally got the film developed. Here is my lovely table in its new home. We love it!!!!!  Thanks for the beautiful work you did on it. Tracy Millander

Wednesday, October 17, 2001 3:38  
  Hi, Mike!  
We received our coffee table a couple of weeks ago. It is very very  beautiful! You are very very talented and we are very very pleased!     I am sorry I didn't thank you sooner but I am having neck surgery  (somewhat serious) tomorrow and I have been running around like a  chicken with no head trying to wrap things up. I will be laid up about  1 month and complete recovery will take about 1 year.    Anyway..........thank you.......thank you..........thank you ........and  God Bless you and your family! 
Karen Meier, Calif.

******* ******
July 7th, 2001 
   Just returned from two weeks in the Trinity Alps. Beautiful country for hiking and fishing. Weather hot, but I hear it was here too.   Anyway, your table arrived and we absolutely love it. We are doing some remodeling, so at the moment it is not set off to best advantage. This is an understatement, since two rooms full of furniture are jammed into one space. In about three weeks, if all goes well, it will be on a good- looking rug in front of a sofa. At that point, I will take some pictures and send them to you. It's going to look great!  It has really been fun to do this internet person to maker-of-the-table transaction. I hope I will be able to send other business your way.
Thanks again. And I will send pictures.  Carol

****** *************** 
May 24th, 2001 
Oh Mike! I am so sorry I didn't reply sooner. The top came the same day you emailed me which just happened to be the same day my computer monitor decided to shut down on me again. I am just now catching up again with 400 + pieces of email using my computer at work.   Anyway, the bench is in place and I am hoping to get a picture soon. It is so beautiful and I have had so many compliments and inquiries on it (trying to drum up some business for you). Hopefully I will get my computer up and running this weekend (what a way to spend the holiday) and get some pics taken. That is if I can get my butt off the bench and back in the house. I spend all my time just sitting and enjoying the scenery. The bench is so comfortable I can spend all day there. The height is perfect, it's rock solid and the seat is so nice I have to confess I like to run my hands over the wood and trace the grain with my fingers. I think I may get some kind of dreamy look on my face too but can't be sure :).    I took a look at the tables. Oh my, they're wonderful! Mike you shouldn't tempt me, bad boy. I can just imagine all sorts of uses for your benches, tables and such. I have a real appreciation for the unique qualities of wood over any other material and it is too easy to want every piece I see. I have some ideas for some slabs too. I can see a small footbridge over the little stream maybe or a very unique gate for the dogs' corral which is built like a horse corral out of cedar post and rail. And I do need to replace that old porch swing and my son wants a picnic table, and, and, and ...     How great that your son is learning the process. It's so nice to be able to carry the tradition on. I'm old enough to remember when everything was NOT made of plastic and throwaway. It's good to see that some things are still made with quality, a love of the process and individuality in mind. I would rather wait to have that one of a kind piece than buy mass produced items.   Got to get back to work myself. Will send you pictures as soon as I can. Scanner is at home so HAVE to get my computer working reliably.   Keep up the good work. May have to have you send me sawdust to I can enjoy the smell.  
'Til then'    Jane

******* *****
Sunday, April 08, 2001 9:46 AM
    Hi, I just received it yesterday afternoon and I love it!! Thank you so much!   Cheryl

Saturday, March 24, 2001 2:13 PM
This bench is just wonderful! Thank you so much and I can't wait to give it   a cozy corner in my rustic home on the ranch. My antique quilts are just   begging for a great place to be displayed.  Crystal,   California
Saturday, March 10, 2001 9:44 PM
   Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to getting the bench. Can it be   kept outside, as in on a deck? I live in Michigan - weather is pretty harsh   at times. Please let me know.  Julie
Date: Jan-14-01 16:09:25 PST  EBAY   Very nice piece! Great seller, friendly and pleasant to work with.A+++  ==================================================
  Date: Jan-18-01 17:32:40 PST   EBAY  Beautiful item. Super ebay seller.  ==================================================
*********** Jan-18-01 17:32:41 PST   Best seller on ebay! Wonderful craftsmanship! Can't go wrong with this one!
************* Sep-14-03 20:32:41 PST  Mike,  My wife, Sybil, and I thank you for your through and swift response. Useful information from an experienced artisan was exactly what I'd been looking for. We'll get to work on it right away.   Be well, Dave   ***********
***** Monday, March 26, 2001 4:30 PM Dear Mike, We got the metal pieces Saturday and the bench today Monday. Man the wood is BEAUTIFUL! Just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to its assembly and use. We love our bench.  Out of curiosity, how thin are you able to cut this wood? Thin enough for plank flooring?  Thanks for everything Mike. Please e-mail us with any catalog updates or pictures of custom stuff you might have done. Just can't get over how pretty this wood is! 
Warm Regards!  Rich and Chris - Colorado

Monday, March 26, 2001 8:44 AM
Good morning, Mike:
I am anxious to see your "place". Actually, I retired  from The Children's Hospital in Denver 3 years ago and, since retiring, just  like to volunteer and see new and different things. My hubby is still  working, so I like to take short jaunts to new places. When you talked about  your place and the things you make, I was really intriqued, so that is why I  decided to come down there. I am somewhat of an adventurer. I love old  towns. Our original town here in Arvada (it is called Olde Town) has been  revitalized and I just love it. We have the neatest shops and also have a  Flour Mill which still stands by the railroad track and has been refurbished.  It is used for tours only. We are leaving on Friday morning and will come  back on Sunday. I will keep reminding you of my visit. 
Loretta - Colorado
Saturday, March 24, 2001 12:14 PM Mike, Did you get my last message? I was anxious to hear your opinions. You should see how it dresses up my family room. What would you think my table would sell for if it was being sold by you in a store? I'm just curious, don't worry  it's not going anywhere. I'll have to take some digital photos of it  sometime. Do you have any word on the end tables wood pieces and possible  pricing? I'll hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Matt - Maryland

Saturday, March 24, 2001 1:13 PM  This bench is just wonderful! Thank you so much and I can't wait to give it  a cozy corner in my rustic home on the ranch. My antique quilts are just  begging for a great place to be displayed!  Thanks again, Crystal - Calif.
*****  Tuesday, October 03, 2000 12:06 PM  Beautiful!!! I absolutely love the branch legs--they just make the piece so perfect. The finish is so satiny it looks and feels like butter. And the smell of the wood permeates through the house. You did a great job, Mike.  We are really pleased! Bravo.   Sandi - Nebraska
*****  Saturday, December 16, 2000 12:28 AM    Hi Mike & Happy Holidays,    The benches are far more awesome than the picture indicates. Everyone  who sees them, falls in love. I would be happy to display your cards,  and I've already given your web site to a couple of people.  I couldn't be more pleased with your work, your service, and the unique  quality your benches add to my store. I have a friend with a digital  camera and I will send you some pic.s.    Many Many Thanks,    Jay - Chicago
*****  Thursday, January 11, 2001 4:49 PM  Hi Mike,   just received the one piece oak bench(wooden branch legs), it's a   beautiful work of art. Can't wait to get the next one. On the table idea, what would you think about a table top similar to the bench you just sent me, except from 45-48" wide X 65-72" long, with the iron base, and benches with iron bases too.  Chuck - New York

October 3, 2000    Beautiful!!! I absolutely love the branch legs--they just make the piece so  perfect. The finish is so satiny it looks and feels like butter. And the  smell of the wood permeates through the house. You did a great job, Mike.  We are really pleased! Bravo.   Sandi
Hello Mike,
Just wanted to say Hi. Looks like you\'re doing well. I still get many compliments on your table. Wishing you the best.
Ed Bentley
the Bentley coffee table, click here to view
"Here are some pics, Mike.
Thanks again for your outstanding work."
David H.
Hilton Head, S.C.

wE GOT IT!!!! Thank you sooooo much, it's amazing. I think it felt at home right away. My husband was dumbstruck.....and that don't happen often!!! It's his birthday present. I told him, now he has to live as long as the tree this bench came from did!!! He's gonna give it a shot!! Again, thanks for a wonderful piece of Art.

Hi Mike,
Sorry it took awhile for me to get to you. I am at my clients today and seeing the tree stump table for the first time. It is absolutely beautiful! They are so happy with it, that they decided to leave it on the wall opposite their sofa instead of next to the sofa so they can admire it better!
Thanks for your great work and I look forward to being in touch for future projects.
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