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Natural & elegant rustic furniture & Glass Top Tables
Glass top tables
wooden top rootball table
Stump  tables
the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
Coffee  tables
Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
Spalted Oak Bench



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Stump & Natural

Scroll Down to view many of the stump tables I have designed over the past 16 years.

"Root tables may be UPRIGHT" (natural postion with roots down, pictured left) or INVERTED (with roots up, see inverted root coffee table photo, below). Either position provides for a unique and, natural "tree table" look. The upright position (photo's left) , the tree appears to grow out of the floor.
Root & Stump Tables
Upright or Inverted
& more stump furniture info..
Stump furniture. Pick a subject & click.
"INVERTED root coffee table" (left) - The tree roots  up, viewers of the table have a spectacular view of nature through a glass top.  
Root tables are a good example of nature's simple beauty. Available as a  dining or conference table as well as cocktail table.
" Inverted root table " for dining This table seats 10, comfortably
Mike selected a huge root ball for this project.
Click here to view progress photo's.
Characterized with a flat top ( not roots) . The roots are sawn away exposing natural detailed wood graining of burl.  Smaller inverted stumps work well as wooden side tables.
Most of my work is custom order but..
This exact piece is an exception and is
available for sale.
Oak "y stump base " Table
Solid Oak Figured wood Top
This piece with it's Oak top and large ALL Oak "Y" branch base is a simple and attractive piece. May be created as rectangular, round, or oval. 
" Log " Stump Table
" Mushroom Stump Table "
The mushroom stump table features a SLICE OF A LOG table top. The annual rings of the tree clearly visible within the top.  You may COUNT the rings and determine the age of the tree.  Each ring is one calendar year.

Tops - Practical sizes range from about 20 inches in diameter for a cocktail table up to about 4 feet (when available) in diameter for large coffee or dining tables

COMMENT: Most of these tree stump furniture and root dining table styles above, are just as applicable in creating coffee tables as well as small or large dining and conference tables. Most of the designs work well for end, side or, console tables.  Let me know your thoughts.  Contact me, below with any questions. Estimated costs may be found by clicking onto the smaller images, above. When emailing concerning a particular design, please refer to it's name which can be found within quotations, " name ", above.  
Thank You. Mike Just
glass top stump table
Oak log stump table
oak mushroom table
glass top table
wooden stump table
wooden top rootball table
wooden top rootball table
rootball base
glass top stump table

"12 for dining"
For large rectangular or oval tables; the
flat cut tree stump, inverted (belled portion of stump UP ) works nicely. This particular 10 foot long glass top stump table seats up to 12 people.
"Flat cut "-  Tree Stump Tables
Another "upright root table". This root base went to an East Texas home and includes a 2 inch thick onyx stone top with a hand chiseled edging. Granite or marble stone also available..
Simple, clean, natural, organic, and elegant.

These simple yet elegant and certainly all natural pieces can easily carry the theme of "nature" into any room. Use them as coffee tables, end tables, side tables, or two of them for a console table.
Transforming ugly stumps into beautiful tables - the how it works.  ( more ) .
Frequently asked Questions

the " tangle " This year I will be focusing on this design.

A natural root look.  Dining tables, coffee, foyer, conference; all types.

The tangle table was three years in moving the concept into reality. May be created as dining, cocktail, conference, occasional tables. About any shape, even a horseshoe shaped desk.  More of this tangle design .
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6) Tree Stump Table in progress.

7) Root tables, oak tops

8) The creating process

Waterford, CT
Longview, TX.
New York, NY
Great Bend, KS
Dallas, TX.
Click onto small images for more information. Contact us at bottom of this page.
It takes special pieces which I call natures art. in order to create these beautiful natural furnishings.

Click HERE to view a few of the special
pieces that I currently have at the shoppe.
Click small images, below for more details of creations of the past
Similar pieces are available.
For cost estimates, click individual images, below.

"Upright Root Tables"
"Inverted Root Tables" ( roots up )
"Flat cut amorphic" side or end table. Click HERE.

Amorphic stump table as a coffee table.
Flat cut amorphic stump table as a coffee table.
Hilton Head, S.C.
Slice of Log Top,  Table
Slice of a log for a top, featuring annual rings and setting atop a tilted stump base.
wooden stump table
Large burl top - root base tables -
Solid 2,500 year old burl slab.
Click photo to see slide show.
Making of a Burl Table
View Slide show
" Block Stump Table "
The chiseled edge " block stump table " starts with a log. Is cut to shape, bottom opened up, and seasoned within our kiln. The annual rings of the tree clearly visible within the top.  These block table may be arranged as side tables, end tables, grouped as two under glass for a coffee table or all the above for a matched ensemble.
Practical block sizes range from 14 to 18 inches square and 18 to 24 inches tall. Some larger sizes may be available ( check with us ).
oak mushroom table
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