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the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
Burls of Oak
Elegant rustic
Carved wooden tables. Themes of your choice. Carved from an oak log Thick oak coffee table. Natural edges from an oak log Unique shapes, elegant styling - a coffee table by, Mike Just
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the Omaha
Thick oak top coffee table - RE - the Bishop sofa table evas sofa table
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Burl coffee tables - RE the Bronty RE - the Omaha coffee table Very very finely finished with the look of RE - Annual rings of oak coffee table Log coffee and end tables - RE Oak log table Amorphic stump coffee table - RE irregular plain stump coffee table Oak coffee table with stained glass insert, oak tree branch base. RE - the Bentley Oak log mushroom table - slice of a log top
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tangled root coffee table - RE - the tangle cocktail table - oak tree branches
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Natural & elegant rustic furniture & Glass Top Tables
Glass top tables
wooden top rootball table
Stump  tables
the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
Coffee  tables
Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
Spalted Oak Bench


Slab coffee in progress
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Rustic Furniture from the log - Glass Top Tables - Tree Table
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carved bear coffee table tangled root coffee table - RE - the tangle cocktail table - oak tree branches
Rustic Coffee Tables
Custom - Natural log, elegant rustic's and, glass top coffee tables.
The coffee tables on this page were all created from a stump, log, or downed tree found in my area. The Oak log table is   from unique spalted logs. Spalting occurs on any log of about any tree. It is a natural decay process that, when halted at the right moment presents ittself for creating beautiful natural tree furniture.

I feel very fortunate when I find spalted logs as I know you receive some of the best and most unique furniture pieces in the world.

We do not cut down live trees to create tables. Rather, dead or dying trees and we do start our work at the creeks, selecting the most unique pieces. Wood like this is not available at lumber yards. Many of the one piece top tables ( NO SEAMS) has to come from large logs which of course means large trees. One would think, in Kansas? Yes, Kansas, the Oak where I live has grown slowly, the tree twisting and turning in the wind all the while, for centuries. (more about the tree)

Most of the tree tables you see above ARE of this Oak that grows here. Not to say the oak tree and it's logs is the best of woods but, it's pretty darned gorgeous! I also enjoy the wood of the Honey Locust tree and, it's stump is spectacular with curving roots. It makes wonderful root tables.  Hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy creating these pieces for you. I want to thank my clients as it is they whom purchased and allowed me to create every coffee table you see here. thank you..
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rustic designs
by Mike Just
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Root coffee table ( glass top not shown)
Root coffee table
(shown less glass top)
the Tangle
another root table
The rustic coffee tables that you see on this page get their original rustic ness mostly because of the salvaged woods we acquire have been aged in the arrid and windy conditions of Kansas. Over a period of several hundred years these trees grew and slowly developed, twisting and turning in the changing winds. We like to call it original rustic oak materials. I use the unique salvaged Burr oak wood for most of these coffee tables. Each table is a unique coffee table. Definitely one of a kind and hand made by skilled artisans. Logs are actually pulled from the creeks of kansas for these particular rustic coffee table designs. The word rustic seems a bit harsh for a descriptive, as their elegance of deep beauty far exceeds, that terminology. The logs are sawn in our own mills, and seasoned using a variety of methods, including kilns. Specialty woods such as for the spalted oak coffee table are separated from regular wood and treated in unique ways to support and encourage the developemnt of spalting. As you can imagine, this is a considerable ongoing project. The endeavor of finding these materials, processing them, and then, selecting each piece for a furnishing design that fits, not OUR desires, but what the wood ittself tells us it wants to be. We feel the efforts are worth it and certainly the human joyful experience of seeing such astounding beauty is beyond words to place upon this page. We only hope you enjoy your elegant rustic coffee table piece as much as we do in creating it for you.