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Natural & elegant rustic furniture & Glass Top Tables
Glass top tables
wooden top rootball table
Stump  tables
the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
Coffee  tables
Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
Spalted Oak Bench



Slab coffee in progress
Slab Tables
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For interior or exterior use.
Rustic oak Loveseat
How much weight do my rustic oak log benches hold? Click here to view.
Original Rustic Oak
Tree Bench
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Rustic oak Park Bench
Rustic Courting Bench
Pew Bench

large log oak bench
Cantilevered oak tree bench
pew bench with storage
Rustic Park Bench

For ADA Compliancy

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Pew bench w/ storage
Rustic Oak
Log Bench

Tree Bench
About Oak Log Garden Benches.

Dear Mike,
When I bought my bench (photo, above) from you in April, 2001, I promised I would send a picture. I don't think I ever did and I regret that it has taken so long. I never could get a picture that I thought did it justice. Still haven't but...this last winter, during the devastating ice storm, I was climbing through the fallen trees and limbs in my yard surveying the awful damage. As I plowed my way through a tangled mess of ice laden branches near the back porch, I stumbled on this jewel in a clearing. How it managed to survive without being crushed or even touched by a single falling twig is beyond me. I wish I could have captured the sunlight glistening on the over foot long icicles that made such a delicate fringe skirt on my beautiful bench. I can tell you though, that discovering it was a bright and happy moment in an other wise dreary day. I hope you will enjoy these shots ..

Best regards, Jane Kaste
"very satisfied customer"
Custom sizes available.
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Thank you.
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Cantilevered bench

Oak Log Bench

Pew Bench
Rustic Loveseat Bench

Rustic park bench
Spalted Oak Bench
Spalted Oak
Bench  ( more )
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Please check on availability as some materials are not readily available during all seasons.
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Wheat Planter
Bench ( more )