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Frequently asked questions concerning natural stump tables.
Q - How much weight will the table hold ?
A - Most of the stump tables that you see on my website will easily hold up a pick up truck. There are a few photo's of the "root table" that appear to have it peched on delicate roots, that could break. Such is not the case. The lower portion (adjacent to the floor) is hewn such that the supporting strength of the tree is touching the floor in all cases.

Q - What is the finish like ?
A - One of my top design principles in creating natural furniture is to leave the "character", the worm holes, or the undulations of roots and branches, to name a few. We take great pains in doing so. It is time consuming detailed and painstaking work. However, the results are obviously, worth it and, become much more visible as the table is placed into the room where it will reside. We wire and bristle brush cracks and crevices, hand sand the sharpies of each small character trait.  We pay attention to cracks and crevices, often using Q-tips to tint and color. Our higher end stump tables of the root and plain stump catagories receive extra attention to the detail as small as  the natural crack. How? I color (tint) them inside, so as to show, under artificial lights, the same shadow affect as would be produced by the sun, outside. Our job, as I see it, is to bring nature, in your door.  We finish until we can run our hands over it feeling nothing but "softness". Yet, at the same time, what the eye sees is the natural character of the tree.

Q - How does it ship and what are shipping costs ?
A - Most stump tables are too large for UPS. Our favorite shipper is termed a " blanket wrap " shipper and, they deliver to your curbside. They take extreme care with your table; stapping each package firmly to the sides of the truck such that they do not move around and, not stacking items atop each other. Of course, this means they cannot carry as many items per truck and it costs just a bit more. Shipping costs in continental  U.S.A. run from $340.00 to $500.00 depending upon what and where. Smaller tables that can be shipped U.P.S. and shipping costs run about $170.00 including packaging.

Q - What is the price range of stump table bases ?
A - Stump table bases ( no glass ) start at about $1,600.00 for a small (30 inch + - ) cocktail table with a natural wood top. Dining tables to seat 4 to 6 people range in costs from about $1,900.00 for an inverted "plain" cut stump base upwards to $3500 for an inverted " root " table. Glass tops for these bases ( 1/2 in. thick ), in the $600.00 range ( simple polished pencil edging).

Larger tables which can seat 8 to 12 persons+ run in costs from $3,600 for inverted " plain cut " stump bases upwards to $8,000 or $10,000 for the large, inverted, and intricate, " root " tables. This, may involve twin  ( 2 ) stumps, as a base. Glass tops ( 3/4 in. thick ), from $900.00 to several thousand, depending upon size and, choices of edging style.

Q - What is the coloration?
A - Difficult question to answer.
Most often folks that seek me out, find my website, and converse with me are looking for "naturalness". Looking for the bringing of nature, indoors,  that tranquil affect of " peace " that only nature ittself brings. If that's you then, in answer to colorations my suggestions are; "keep it natural". The large majority of stump bases that I create have colorations of tannish with streaks of cocoa brown and fit quite nicely into any decor.  Other stumps may have more of a "creme" color. They too fit about every decor. Simply because they are natural!  There are exceptions;  the reds of red cedar and the  predominate deep browns of a Walnut tree. These two exceptions in color tone may or may not work in best with your decor.

Q - Can the hue or tone of color be modified?
A - Yes. Lighter tones can be darkened in a multitude of shades, to darker. We do this and consult with you during this process when your project reaches the stages of "finishing". At this point we know exactly the tone of your table and take close up, color locked photographs. We then create a number of color stained samples from the actual wood of your table piece, take photographs and, present this information to you via the internet for your considerations.

Q - Will it work outside?
A - Yes. In fact a stump base with a stone top can be an ideal natural exterior table for many applications. Occasional coats of "teak oils" to the base can help keep your wooden base fresh.

Q - Is the wood kiln dried?
A - Yes, each stump passes thru a number of seasoning process', including a kilns. In addition to kilns, we have developed other techniques which we use in preparing these large pieces. One technique is fire ( more ). Digital equipment is used to test final moisture contents, helping us determine when your table is ready for final processing towards shipment.

Q : May,2008
Your website refers to a copper coating. What is this?
A: Thank you for your inquiry. The copper coating that we are seriously looking at and experimenting with is a real copper or brass that is applied to wood, in molten state. When the technique is  perfected ( and we are real close ), copperized or brass stump tables will be available. We have reached a level of comfort that we are at least at a stage we are ready to seriously discuss this option with clients.. Let me know you thoughts. Not only will this present an entirely new and beautiful adornment for interior, high end elegant projects but, the exterior benifits of copper's durability are self explanatory.
If you are seriously considering a stump table, here, is more informative material.