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Make additional comments below, such as sizes, heights, use ( ie coffee, dining etc. ) . Anything else you can think of to say that might help me like type of floor, modern decor,or log home, etc..  When done, click the submit button.
Just share your thoughts.. thanks for inquiring.. I will get right back with you. mike
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glass top stump table
Large plain stump tables w/ glass tops.
Seating for 8 to 12 ++
Root stump
table w/ roots down. Stone or wood tops.
Seating 4 to 8.
Smaller Plain Stump Tables w/ glass tops. Seating for 4 to 8
Coffee tables also.
Root Stump Tables
Inverted  (Roots UP)
Dining or coffee
Conference tables too.
Starting at $4,600
Indicate a style preference for your table base by checking one, or several if you wish, of the boxes, above.
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$1,800 to $2,700
Starting at $3125
for small dining or large coffee table
Starting at $3,500 for small coffee table.
wooden top rootball table
rootball base
Please find below, small photo's of some of the custom works I have done. I have attempted to put a price range under each table "style". This is difficult at times,  what with all the options: various tops of glass, stone or wood and different table uses such as coffee, dining or conference. But, the cost range gives you a general idea.

I am happy to prepare you a specific quote including delivered costs and various options for your review. To get the process started just provide me with a bit of information to work from. You may use the form below (scroll down to do so), or you may wish to just telephone.

My direct email is

Thank you for your interest.

My kindest regards,

Mike Just, Artisan & Creative Lead at     -  Wilson, Kansas
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Natural & elegant rustic furniture & Glass Top Tables
wooden top rootball table
the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
Spalted Oak Bench


Slab coffee in progress
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Rustic Furniture from the log - Glass Top Tables - Tree Table
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NOTE: If you do not see the exact configuration (right) that you are thinking of, describe it as best you can, in the "Comments" box located at the bottom of this page.
We do have several stump bases nearly ready to ship. Click HERE to view them.