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Natural & elegant rustic furniture & Glass Top Tables
Glass top tables
wooden top rootball table
Stump  tables
the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
Coffee  tables
Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
Spalted Oak Bench



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Slab Tables
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the Design Process -
From Mike Just
Creative Lead

First of all, let me say this to clarify who and what we are. We are not retailers. I am more a furniture designer of a specific type. Natural and elegant. I have a design shoppe full of sawdust. Not a showroom. We design furniture creations of "naturalness"  for folks AND we create similar items of those we have already designed, which is what you see all over the web site. ALL of the items  you see is an original creation of this shoppe created for someone, or they are original works of my sculptor/carver friend, Chet Cale.

What we are not

We are not a retailer
with a fancy showroom, although we are trying to find time to create items for one.

We are not an importer.
Every item is created by hand right here in Wilson, Kansas.

We are not a "wholesaler"
We have our costs, and our price. That's about it. 

the design process
How to communicate what you want
The design process for you may be already complete before you entered this website. If so, great! You know what "look" you want and have selected a design or two from the photo's on the web site. Now all you need are costs and delivery info. to make your decision. If this is the case with you, simply do this:

1) Note the names of items (items, designs of furnishings) that you like and communicate those names to us along with some sizes. If you cannot for any reason, fine a name for an item, note the  "page name or title " it won't take long to figure out what you are refering to. Contact us from THIS page either, email or telephone. We can go from there.

If you would like some help or suggestions as to designs Add this to your commications:
Describe the home or room (photo's are very helpful, but not necessary). Tell me about the general style of the structure, i.e. foyer of hotel, living room of log cabin, modern home, or contemporary. Urban or country.

What are the floors made of ? Carpet? Wood? Planks? etc.. The color scheme? If tables, do you like wooden tops or are considering glass, stone, or other materials ( we are even capable of copper or bronze coatings). Gosh we do bronze statues. So, I believe I am safe in saying ,, if it can be done.. we can do it.

Costs for some of the works we have done vary widely. I have designs for $750.00 coffee tables ( " the matte " ) and in the coffee table design area costs have, over the years, seen $18,000 had carved theme table ensembles. Quite a wide range of costs.

So, if you let me know a cost range and I would be pleased to assist in suggesting several designs that may more closely fit your budget. Look forward to working with you.

Kind Regards,

Mike Just- (785) 658 3548  email address at bottom of this page.
(more on costs)