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Natural & elegant rustic furniture & Glass Top Tables
Glass top tables
wooden top rootball table
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the burly figured wood of Kansas Burr Oak
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Not a live tree falls
for our burnishments.
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Figured grain of Claro Walnut
End view of book matched slab. The seam.
Natural or  live  edge, as some refer to it.
Directly below are a few shop photo's of a recently finished Claro Walnut table top.

Hold cursor over photo for more info.
These are just a few of the slabs available as of this printing. ( Oct 1, 2010 ).  Check with me on availability . Mike - email   "   rustic@wtciweb.com"  or call shop phone at ( 785 ) 658 3548.
REF: ( A ) Claro Walnut
2 1/2 thick
( B ) Claro Walnut
2 1/4 thick
REF: ( C ) Claro Walnut
1 inch thick
REF: ( D ) Claro Walnut
3 in.thick
( E ) Birdseye Elm
2 1/2 thick
   Finished table with:

Bronze legs - $10,475.00

Slab legs -     $  9785.00
   Finished table with:

Bronze legs - $ 12,305.00

Slab legs -     $ 11,625.00
   Finished table with:

Bronze legs - $  9,146.00

Slab legs -     $  8,466.00
Oct 2010 - Conference Boardroom piece. Going into dryer soon. Inquire.
Mike - email -   rustic@wtciweb.com   - or telephone shop
( 785 ) 658 3548
Huge Birdseye Elm - Some of the best figure ever.
Fresh cut Oct 2010
   Finished table with:

Bronze legs - $10,275.00

Slab legs -     $  9,585.00
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Burls n slabs Page  1  2 3
The finished table is 9 feet long and 49 inches wide and had a stainless steel table base identical to the one pictured, right.
Bronze legs
Available in copper
These extraordinary, highly figured slabs sell weekly. Updating photo's, is a continuing process. When you are ready to order your table, contact me and let me know, so that I can update and select the right piece for your table.

I use ONLY highly figured and unusual pieces of slabs and burls for my tables.

You may contact mike by emailing    rustic@wtciweb.com  
or calling his shop at ( 785 )658 3548.
In dryer Oct, 2010
Claro Walnut
Will finish to about 2 1/4 inches thick.
Claro Walnut
These two slabs are sequential cuts and will have beautiful bookmatched grain if joined into one table top. Finish out about 2 1/2 + inches thick.
   Finished full length 80inch dining table with:

Bronze legs - $8,275.00

Slab legs -     $  7,685.00

Finished 50 to 55 inch coffee table with:

Bronze legs    $ 7,788.00

Slab Legs       $ 7,150.00
   Finished full length 90 inch dining table with:

Bronze legs - $10,275.00

Slab legs -     $  9,685.00

Finished 50 to 55  inch coffee table with:

Bronze legs    $ 8,688.00

Slab Legs       $ 7,350.00
Huge Birdseye Elm - Some of the best figure ever of any speci. 2 1/2 inches thick.
Fresh cut Oct 2010
   Finished as full length 100 inch dining table:

Bronze legs - $10,475.00

Slab legs -     $  9,785.00

Finished as 50 to 55 inch long coffee table:

Bronze legs  - $ 9,986.00
Pending Kelly
Pending Kelly
Pending Kelly
Pending Kelly